Let God arise, let my enemies be scattered

Let God arise, let my enemies be scattered
02.11.2022 LISTEN

I. DAUGHTER OF ZION, grace be multiple unto you and your household this eleventh month, it is time to shout out, Let God arise in your case. Let God arise in your health challenges. Let God arise against those who are plotting against you this week. Let God arise against any demonic orchestration against your family. Let God arise against forces fighting against your promotion and peace at work. LET GOD ARISE, LET MY ENEMIES BE SCATTERED.

II. SON OF MAN, let God arise and all those that hate you shall flee. God arise against the spirit of miscarriage, let it flee, and set your daughter free. Lord arise and set your son free from financial challenges. Lord as smoke is driven away by the wind so drive those detractors away from that home, that company, that family for the sake of your child. LORD DRIVE THEM AWAY

III. COURAGE BROTHER, let God arise, and as wax melts before the fire, so the wicked shall perish in his presence. Fear no more for the OMNIPOTENT GOD whom you serve daily shall deliver you from the curse of delayed marriage. God shall arise and remove that clothes of shame they have put on you. LORD ARISE! GOD ARISE! LORD SCATTER THEM WHEREVER AND WHENEVER THEY MEET TO SCHEME AGAINST YOUR CHILD.

IV. COURAGE SISTER, may the presence of the Lord go with thee at all times. GOD shall arise and His presence shall go with thee. This week never looked back, advance, move FORWARD for His Presence is leading the way. This is DIVINE WATER TO NOURISH THE THIRSTY WARRIOR, sent forth through the Authority of Christ Jesus and serve to the brethren through God's Vessel Francis Ameyibor, Yes! And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.

V. 2022 MY EMPOWERED SEASON TO DETHRONE AND ENTHRONED - GOD arise against those working against my interests.

PRAYER: LORD today as I step out let your presence go with me. LORD today arise and set me free from any spiritual bondage. Lord arise and enveloped me in your favour through Christ Jesus name I pray AMEN

REF: Psalm 68:1-3

Exodus 33:14&15

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