Perfect Love

By Aniré Okene
Love & Relationships Perfect Love
SEP 7, 2020 LISTEN

What's love without a structure? What's love without a proper model to look at and learn from daily. Love isn't just a collection of feelings and emotions.

Love is a lifetime commitment of passion and compassion freely given from within in full expression of our hearts towards others. Love is a constant and continuous state of sacrifice with a willing desire to always put others first before ourselves (especially our partners).

So how does one learn to love perfectly when all we see in the world is a frail and dying misrepresentation of love?

Simple, by modeling after the perfect image of perfect love, Jesus Christ. Who better to learn unconditional love from than the one who loves us all unconditionally, forgives without a second thought, and always puts humanity first before Himself. Who better to model sacrifice from than the one who literally laid down His life just so we could all be reconciled to our heavenly Father unreservedly.

Jesus is the perfect model of perfect love and only in Him can we truly find the best standards for true love.

- With Love, From Love.