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29.12.2019 Lifestyle

2019, A Year Marked By Difficulty

2019, A Year Marked By Difficulty
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This year has been rough for many. Uninspiring to say the least. Unless you are Shatta Wale, in which case your blessings are right on time and deserved. I want to walk you through a story. I hope it inspires you to have hope that all things are possible.

"This time last year I had just graduated with my Masters. After being involved as a leader in the national student movement, volunteering with a race council were my university was and doing a whole lot of activities for the community and people I thought I would do well. However, that wasn't my case. I realised a lot of people in the student movement I thought highly of were users and dupers wanting to climb up their career ladder. I got quiet close to the CEO of the race council, I found out she was only using me for volunteering purposes and was too busy whenever I needed help. Some people I asked for help from, from those kind of institions could easily get me contacts or help me find a job. They chose not to, some didn't even bother to reply, yet still expected me to help with volunteering for them. Which later on during the year I disrespectfully declined. They came up with some useless excuse of how they couldn't help that I knew was unfounded. After all they helped others. I never look for a free ride these people knew how hard I worked for free. I guess that's why they kept in touch for as long as they did. This year I also lost a lot of friends. I could care less because the friendships were not real ones. They were never there when I needed them, some were not even there for good times. Yet I would always be the one keeping the friendship afloat and this year I decided to let go. I really appreciate my real friends now.

The worrying thing is the fake friends and the contacts I knew who refused to help me, if I died this year would be the ones making all kinds of rubbish noise about how much of a caring and hardworking person I was. If I killed myself ( if my faith in God and myself wasn't strong and I felt no point in living ) they would be the ones writing long false posts about how they wish they could have been there and other nonsense. I have never understood what is wrong with these people. I don't even care to understand. I'm glad I've cut them off. I've made a few beautiful rich rewarding friendships this year and I'm happier for it. I no longer tolerate dead weight and cut weeds who just want to use me and make me beg for their useless affection out of my life straight away.

I got fired from two jobs( I was overqualified for) because I told the truth and i wasn't going to tolerate any abuse from employers. I stood up for myself and that cost me jobs under teletubby tyrant bosses. The girl who got a job I really wanted unfairly, as is pointed out in this article, kept reaching new heights because of the job. Nevertheless, I got to work in a fantastic place with 5 star reviews from huge newspapers, met some famous people through that job and I have had some amazing experiences there, even though its only a time to time job. I have also got another job were the people are absolutely lovely. If I tell you the many Christmas presents I got and how lovely they were. You would not believe I got fired from two jobs before I got there. I also want to say a huge thanks to ModernGhana for giving me a platform, supporting me and this year my work was cited in someone's research publication. Things are tough still. I'm nowhere near were I want to be. Yet, I know things will get better.

I want you to know things will surely get better. Cut out the dead weight and smile. Whatever is going on. Remember this song. I don't care what you think about the singers just believe the words. Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil, for your cup will run over. God is with you.

"Onyame nti na me nse3 daa oo

me nse3 daa

Adom bi nti na me tiase

Onyame nti na me nse3 da

op3 me se3 no ob3 ber3 kwa

op3 me se3 aa ob3 be3 kwa

Nyame nti na me se3 da" (Boot 4 Boot Joyce Blessing)

The lyrics say because of God and his annoiting I can never be destroyed. If you want to spoil me you are suffering in vain. Believe that your life is yours to make what you want. Throw away the dead things and unnecessary people and live full"