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KHL Ghana is a registered (since 1994) indigenous Ghanaian mining company, specializes in mining of non-ferrous metal like gold and with several mining sites in mining communities of western and eastern regions of Ghana. We also buy from non formal miners or community miners known locally as galamsey. We have capability of producing between 250-300 kilos of gold dust / bars monthly.

The product available below: Commodity Gold dust Available

ORIGIN : Ghana (Obuasi community)
QUALITY: 22+ carats
PURITY: 96.67%

And with over 27 mining sites in various mining communities like Wassa, Prestea, Akwatia, Oda, Obuasi, Tarkwa and its environs, we have the capability to meet your gold dust demand on weekly or monthly basis, based on your purchasing power as well as meet our contractual agreement to our other customers around the world. Should you be interested, we would like you to indicate by contacting us for negotiation. The stock is located within the Ghanaian capital city, Accra. You may also act as a broker or agent in sourcing for serious buyers on commission basis.

Below are my contact information.

Name: Prince Kwame Nana
Email: [email protected]
Yahoo IM: princekwame.nana70
Skype: prinekwame
Phone Number: +233 247 595879

We are waiting your purchase interest and quick responses.
Best Regards,
Prince Kwame Nana

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