Actor Oboy Siki celebrates birthday at cemetery

Celebrities Birthday Actor Oboy Siki celebrates birthday at cemetery
MAR 4, 2024 LISTEN

In an unconventional celebration, veteran Kumawood actor Oboy Siki, also known as Nana Kofi Agyeman, marked his birthday in a solemn yet remarkable manner, choosing to honour the occasion amidst the tranquillity of a cemetery.

The veteran Kumawood actor, renowned for his controversial persona, deviated from the typical festivities associated with birthdays in the entertainment industry. Instead of hosting a lavish party or making charitable donations, Oboy Siki opted for a distinctive venue– a cemetery.

Videos circulating on social media platforms depicted the actor clad in traditional kente cloth, standing beside a table adorned with a birthday cake and beverages. In one of the videos, he addressed the camera, proclaiming, “This is a special day for me. It’s my birthday, and I’ve decided to celebrate it at a cemetery. We will pour libation to the gods and then cut the cake.”

Another video shared on YouTube captured the poignant moment as Oboy Siki solemnly poured libation, surrounded by a small gathering of friends, before proceeding to cut the birthday cake.

The actor’s choice to commemorate his birthday in such a unique setting has sparked varied reactions among showbiz observers, with some commending his unorthodox approach, while others expressed surprise and intrigue.