Laugh House speed-dating to possibly let you laugh or meet someone — or both

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Spotlight Laugh House speed-dating to possibly let you laugh or meet someone — or both

With the novelty COVID-19 pandemic restructuring what we have known as normal-life, we mostly see fingers sanitizing than scouting dating apps for matches. The pandemic has forced us to be in lockdown for months. But Laugh House wants to help ease the difficulty associated with the pandemic for you in their cute way.

COVID-19 has affected the love life of many people, and to a greater extent discouraged many others from engaging in dating because it is no longer convenient enough to step out from your home to meet up with matches.

This is where Laugh House steps in from their conveniently located edifice in Prince George’s county in Maryland, in the United States by offering folks in the US a chance to date safely. Laugh House believes laughing and loving are both integral parts of our being humans. That it is in the DNA of Humans to connect, to love, is beyond denial.

Laughter is good for the soul, so is love

Research reveals that those who live longer are those who laughed the most and those who lived the longest are those who laughed while loving. It is for these reasons that Laugh House has designed this comic-dating event to give you a great chance to find your dating match, something that excited too, so we’re here to share the scoop.


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So, the event would seat one man across a woman in a private breakout room. They would both engage in conversations about themselves for a short period of 7 minutes. Just like traditional speed dating, at the end of the event, you will be able to let the organizers know who you were interested in.

You will know your mutual matches (those you picked that picked you back). Then you are given 20 minutes from the end of the event to inform Laugh House who you are interested in.

Results will be disclosed on the same night of the next or the very next morning. A few or the winners will be profiled on about their experience, with their permission of course.

Here’s how can you participate and get tickets

There would be a minimum of five persons from either sex available to speed date with. However, if for any reason there were less than 5 members of the opposite sex in attendance, a ticket buyer would get credit for a future virtual event. After you purchase your ticket, you will have login credentials to the special virtual room on zoom Laugh House disclosed to in a chat.

Participating women must be between the ages of 43 and 56 years and men from 45 to 56 are encouraged to check it out. Purchase tickets online via this link : and learn more about Laugh House from their website .

Go on, have some fun while loving each other and laugh about it, let’s feel free to live a long and fulfilled life and not let COVID-19 stop us from being who we are. The event kicks off this October 17 at 7:30 PM Washington DC time.

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