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01.10.2019 General News

‘We Can't End Insults In Our Movies’ — Lilwin

Lilwin Lilwin
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Actor Lilwin has disclosed that it will be difficult to act Kumawood movies devoid of insulting language.

According to him, insults are part of conflicts in movies everywhere in the world, and would, therefore, be completely impossible to do away with them in Kumawood movie if they are necessary to the movie’s storyline.

Kumawood movies have always received criticism for their use of insulting languages; a move some people think is not healthy for younger viewers.

Some critics and industry professionals have called for a system to reverse the trend before it gets out of hand, but nothing has been done so far.

Speaking on Hitz FM on Monday, Lilwin stated that some of the insults in Kumawood movies are “normal.”

“With insults, for instance; I am burgher and I am walking with fake dollars … and the house where I stay, there is always a fight. That way …it is possible to have insults like idiot, etc. People tend to laugh to a character saying idiot in an English-speaking movie but when it is translated in to our Twi, they find it offensive (sic),” he indicated.


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