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17.08.2019 General News

Movie Stars Angry Over Delay In Sharing Of ARSOG Cash

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Movie Stars Angry Over Delay In Sharing Of ARSOG Cash
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A cross-section of movie stars, producers and authors in Ghana are angry over the delay in distribution of the money released to Audiovisual Rights Society of Ghana (ARSOG) by government.

Some personalities (names withheld) who spoke with SeancityGh expressing their anger said, they have reliable information that the government has released the money to the leadership of the association but its distribution to the rightful beneficiaries has been the issue.

They are however calling on their leadership to do the needful thing to avert a possible demonstration against them.

ARSOG was established in 2011 to protect the rights of owners of Audiovisual works in Ghana.

These are producers, authors and performers. It has an eleven-member board made up currently of three producers, three authors and two performers who were duly elected at a conference of practitioners in the Industry.

There are two other specialists appointed per their expertise and the Chief Executive Officer.

By statute, ARSOG must have two offices in the country. There must be one in the Southern sector (Accra- Headquarters) and another in the Northern sector of the country (Kumasi).

ARSOG collects royalties on behalf of owners from public users of audiovisual works. In addition, it is also the recipient of levy on recordable material from the Government on behalf of owners of audiovisual works. ARSOG distributes these to their owners.