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18.05.2019 Highlife News

Ban Senseless Songs By Patapaa, Medikal And Co– Mr. Logic

By News Desk
Ban Senseless Songs By Patapaa, Medikal And Co– Mr. Logic
LISTEN MAY 18, 2019

President of the Songwriters Association of Ghana and entertainment pundit, Mr. Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr. Logic is calling for a ban on ‘senseless’ songs in Ghana today.

In an interview monitored by ABC News Ghana , the songwriter acknowledged the fact that songs really have a psychological impact on the youth and therefore songs that flood the airwaves should be sensible enough to positively impact the youth both morally and psychologically.

Mr. Logic notes however that a number of songs enjoying massive airplay in Ghana today unfortunately do not have the needed quality and lack a lot of sense.

Mr. Logic concludes that the recent tide in the industry now suggests that the more “nonsensical” a song is, the more airplay it gets and the more popular it becomes.

He says the situation has given room to an increase in shoddy productions as some lazy musicians continue to excel in the craft.

Mr. Logic cited songs such as Patapaa’s “One Corner“, “Daavi Neba” which had the popular Scopatomana lines as well as Medikal’s “Wrowroho” as senseless songs that do not add much value to the lives of those who listen to it.

He said good music should be able to stand the test of time and still be impactful several years after its release.

“The songs that are coming out now cannot even last for two years. Let us take a song like One Corner from Patapaa, yes it made some waves but can we say that song can still be relevant after two years? Even as we speak, the vibe, the energy for the song is down and I want to ask, is that what they want as artistes?” he asked rather worryingly.

Mr. Logic singled out Kojo Antwi as one of the artists who has remained relevant in the industry for decades due to his production of quality, thought-provoking songs.

“They are not timeless songs. There are songs from the likes of Kojo Antwi that are still impactful when played, how many years has he been in the industry?” he quizzed.

Mr. Logic reiterated that there should be a positive impact from every music a person listens to. He says a person must be educated and informed with every music he hears.

Also, songs must be transformational and speak to people and their pressing issues. He then said, all these ‘benefits’ of music are lacking in most of the songs dominating the media waves in Ghana today describing the existing situation as very unfortunate.