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Installation Services of CCTV Cameras


Listed : Appliances
Date Listed : Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Location : Eastlegon
Region : Greater Accra
Country : Ghana


Installation Services of CCTV Cameras
Yehans International provides installation services of CCTV cameras for homes and industrial purposes. Ensuring that your business is secure is important. Whether you've been victimized in the past or just like keeping an eye on things, you may consider using Closed Circuit Television cameras at some point.
How CCTV Cameras Work
CCTVs transmit video through a closed circuit, meaning the video recorded cannot be transmitted to an outside device. CCTV cameras, monitors and recorders are all directly connected to provide immediate access to security footage. A CCTV camera allows you to watch live streams of whatever the camera is recording. The footage is sent also to a digital video recorder where it is stored for later viewing. CCTV cameras are generally small and unobtrusive. They can be placed anywhere on the exterior or interior of a building. If you don't want the cameras to be obvious, you can get small cameras that are easy to hide in plants or behind speakers.
Installation of CCTV cameras serve as Crime Deterrent, increased safety monitors activities, collect evidence, decision making(settling disputes), keeps records( check in your business during off-hours),
 Weatherproof / Vandal Resistant
 Infrared Capability
 HD Analog Technology
 HD Resolution
 Image Sensors
It is a major investment to install CCTV cameras. But the investment typically pays for itself, especially if it means you won't need to employ security guards to monitor your business premises.
Yehans is here to maximize your commercial security cameras, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Schedule a meeting with us and get free quote now!

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