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23.02.2006 Football News

Kofi manu Resigns From Berekum Arsenal


Kofi Manu a.k.a Wonderful Blue Boy, arguably the most controversial and one of the interesting characters in Ghana Soccer, the Accra Representative of Berekum Arsenal on Monday tended in his resignation letter to the chairman of Berekum Arsenal football club citing personal reasons for his decision.

However, when Space Fm called on him to explain further what really accounted for this decision, he said he was ready to explain what he meant by personal because of comments some officials of Berekum Arsenal have made on certain radio stations.

When asked if he resigned because of what happened during the FA presidential elections Kofi Manu said what happened during the elections was something he sees as humiliation which cannot be valued.

“It was even wrong for any club to openly support a candidate in the FA Presidential Elections. If you do that and the candidate does not win what happens to you?” he questioned.” I was called to be campaign manager of Kwasi Nyantakyi and I said no because he was young in football because he came into football in the year 2000 and I also joined football in Ghana the same year. Before then I had been in football elsewhere. I do not see why such a person can lead Ghana football. So I decided to support the campaign of a more matured candidate Y.A. Ibrahim” he added.

However, the other management members of Arsenal declared their support for Nyantakyi without consulting him and other stakeholders of the club. He said on the day of election, and as Accra Representative of the Club he went to the congress only to be told he was not a delegate which he describes as a humiliation.

“I could have resigned immediately after the FA elections but I thought those who took the decision took individual decisions and that Arsenal is for the people of Berekum.Because of that I decided to do certain things for the people of Berekum before I resign. For instance we were fighting for the government to support the four teams in various African club competitions and I was very instrumental in that. Having achieved this, I think it is time for me to resign, “he concluded.

Kofi Manu also described Arsenal's chairman Alhaji Yakubu Moro's claim that Arsenal made him popular as untrue.

“For somebody to stand somewhere and say Arsenal made me popular is complete lie. It is my principle that has made me popular. I hate cheating and also believe that truth is always one .These are the reasons why wherever I go within some few days people hear of me” he said.

"Wonderful also rebuffed suggestions that he resigned to join his Pal, Kojo Fianoo who is the new CEO of Ash Gold.