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28.01.2006 Football News

Ghanaian fans Clash In Port Said

By Lions of Senegal by one one goal to nil curtesy a Mathew Amoah goal.
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Two supporters groups of Ghana clashed yesterday at Port Said where Black Starts of Ghana beat The Terenga Lions of Senegal by a lone goal.

It all started when one group of supporters known as Sugha, founded by the ace sports commentator, Sarfo Abebrese hanged a very large Ghana flag at a place where the other supporters group, Ghana Supporters Union, hanged theirs in the first match.

When the Ghana Supporters Union, founded by one Abraham Boakye popularly known as One Man Supporter, came to see the flag of SUGHA bearing the inscription "Ghana Supporters Union--SUGHA", they got annoyed and removed the flag in process tearing the Ghana flag apart

Abraham Boakye who was standing by did not make any effort to stop his people from tearing the national flag. The Egyptians who were watching, could not believe what they were seeing and questioned wether those two groups were not from Ghana and that did not have the singular aim of cheering the Black Stars to victory.

Sarfo Abebrese later wondered how on earth people who claim to love Ghana could go to the extent of tearing a national flag apart.

On the match itself, the Black Stars lifted their game and beat The Terenga