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10.06.2019 Sports News

SHE PLAYS Takes Off At Accra Sports Stadium Courts

By Sammy Heywood Okine
SHE PLAYS Takes Off At Accra Sports Stadium Courts
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SHE PLAYS is an initiative by Mrs Catherine Morton, a clean environment and healthy living advocate. She is an entrepreneur and events organizer.

She asks people…What do you PLAY?
“Today’s Women are very stressed all the time. We have high-pressure jobs, kids, families etc. But are we taking time out for hobbies to keep our sanity and take care of our selves? Sports and physical activity is a distress tool for us women and can empower us to be confident bold and help keep us in shape. She PLAYS targets women” she says.

How can you join this growing Women’s Sports and Social Community in Ghana breaking barriers and helping women take up sports as hobbies?

“I am so excited about the potential of the SHE PLAYS community and the future of women making sports a part of their lifestyle. Today we had a very successful she plays tennis tournament amongst dynamic ladies from diverse fields all of whom showed so much love for the game.

“The Accra Sports Stadium courts had a radiance and glow this morning something that is missing in our sports in Ghana. And we know all of you men are saying why weren’t we invited. This is for Women Only” she added.

Join the leading Women’s Social Sports and Networking Community in Ghana on Instagram @sheplaysgh

SHE PLAYS Tennis was held on June 8th 2019, and the objective is changing the face of female Sports in Ghana! beginners, new players, seasoned players were there for the mini-tournament and they exchanged pleasantries and idea as we as made business links

Mrs. Cathy Morton is Race Director for the Millennium Marathon and the Kiddie Mile Race. She is coming up with the Kiddie Sports Vacation, which is about to be launched.

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