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Sep 4, 2018 | Boxing

My Son Has Been Over Pampered — Azumah Nelson

My Son Has Been Over Pampered — Azumah Nelson

Boxing legend Azumah Nelson says his son Azumah Nelson Junior has been overly pampered which has made him unenthusiastic about becoming a good fighter.

He shuddered and added that the amateur boxer was very comfortable he did not see the need to fight to become a world champion like him.

"He is very comfortable, he has everything he wants, when he was young, I pampered him, he has a car that takes him to school and wait for him bring him home, he lacks nothing," he told Daily Graphic in Accra.

According to Azumah, unlike him who struggled in his youthful days and saw boxing as the means to an end, Nelson Junior behaves differently and not keen about the discipline.

But the boxing legend cautioned his son to see beyond this comfort and aspire to greater heights.

He, however, stressed that he would support his son irrespective of whether he chooses to box or not.

"I would support junior, if he wants to fight I would support him, if he does not want to fight too I would back him," he told this paper.

Azumah, however, expressed the hope that his son would become a world champion one day.

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