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11.07.2005 Politics

Mensah Bent On Capturing Kumawu Constituency's Parliamentary Seat

Adofo Rockson(London)

"Kumawu Constituency can be mired in political affiliations and traditions very difficult to extricate her from. Mind you, it shouldn't be moronically in her marriage to one political tradition, despite how stormy and lopsided the relationship tip the balance in her disadvantage as has always been", asserts Mr. Alex Adomako Mensah, the aspirant MP for Kumawu Constituency in any future elections.

Mr. Mensah nicely puts it, "a marriage of convenience of whatever nature, form and shape, is a two-way flow traffic system, meant to benefit both partners entering into". He does not in anyway believe in a one-way flow in a two-way political alliance between Kumawu Constituency and any one political party in what is a traditional or political background, where his Constituency is in peril, suffering in silence, being killed softly.

He further intimates, one can be of service to their people no matter how low one is at the rung of the social and political ladder, but the state of annihilation due to dilapidation of the infrastructure in his Constituency especially Kumawu, demands that, one has to be above or among the powers that be, to be able to effect or implement policies for a change for the better, exactly what he anticipates doing.

Being at the periphery of the political arena, or the decision making process in ones effort to influence policies in any most effective way, is as ineffectual as is analogical to the following. It's like sitting in a car with your back facing the direction of your destination. You don't see the beauty of the scenery of the landscape any better. You don't greet things thus, the landscape, but only wish them goodbye because they hurtle by with you only seeing their backs but not faces. All this told you wake up only to see the implementation of bad policies or no policies at all, to the detriment of the suffering masses, if the good ones are kept at arms length when decisions are made.

Though it is extremely difficult for human beings to let go at the blink or at the crack of the finger, the habits cultivated over a number of years, grown up and identified with, but given it a trial in a bid to shun it, one can eventually. He aims to liberate the Kumawu Constituency from the limbo in which it is compulsively held owing to her monotonous lifelong political sympathies, traditions and background.

He believes "if you are at the bottom of the ladder but assume to be at the top, you can no longer climb up but rather climb down". It is by accepting the gospel truth state of ones position on the rung of the ladder that one at the bottom can aspire to climb up, then achieving any progress, the case of his Constituency.

The least said about the retrogression of the Constituency, the better. Things are actually falling apart, the centre can no longer hold. Every citizen of Kumawu Constituency irrespective of their stature, status, shares this blame of negligence of duty to the Constituency as is apathetically inherent in us. The rich don't want to help. The poor don't want to know. The MPs and the traditional powers that be don't give a hoot.

Mr. Mensah is a strong critic of "He lives his life the way it comes. He never mourns of tomorrow and he never cries about yesterday" type of people. These are those who never bend fate to suit them but allow it to take its natural course, most often to ones disadvantage.

"No matter how loud you get the people to shout, the politicians can refuse to hear." But he promises to shout deafening noise to break their tympanic membranes as long as they continue to deny his Constituency its fair share of the national cake.

He is a real man to stick to his words. Though not yet with a single grey hair on his head, this young man is full of, and overflowing with, wisdom and ideas. Mind you, it takes the successful implementation of ideas to make one a great person.

He is stating his bid for the Mp-ship, in which view he is overtly helping the sitting MP, know his short comings, the expectations of him by the people to sit up and be counted. By stating his intentions in a selfless way, though sure and certain, his critics might be falsely lured into using Sir Humphrey's Law Of Inverse Relevance which states, "The less you intend to do about something, the more you have to keep talking about it", against him as a joker else, he would have kept his plans a top secret. Deceive yourselves only to be surprised at the next elections seeing Mr. Mensah all the way to Parliament.

Mr. Alex Adomako Mensah tells his fellow constituents that "patience and fortitude are what it takes to survive in these times; at the end of the day life is too short to hold grudges”. He advices them to hold back their anger at the imperfections long characterized the Constituency until he takes charge as the MP, to bring back smiles to their faces.

In the meantime he is on further short term recreational courses on how to secure help for the poor communities and the suffering masses. This will be a credit to use to the advantage of Kumawuman long before he captures the seat as aforesaid. He will soon be organizing the Kumawu constituents worldwide to sensitize them to the needs of their Constituency.