22.09.2004 Sports News

Shall We receive Marcel Desailly Boost?

By Kofi Ayisi
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May I please add my support to the idea of giving the soccer coaching job of the national team to Desaily?

My support is based on his personal desires, patriotism and sterling achievements both as a player and captain of France and great clubs in Europe. It is gratifying to note he has the support of some matured local coaches. Coaching experience aside, he will only be following the examples of Backenbauer, Gullit, Rijkaard, Robson, Deschamps and the rest who succeeded in their own right.

His motivation shall be the will to succeed where others failed and not on the finacial trappings which exposed the weaknesses of some good coaches. He would like to prove to all that though he had no chance to play for the nation he had not abandoned the land that gave him birth. He had always been with Ghana in spirit and was itching for this very chance to contribute his widow's mite. Surely, he realises the tough challenges ahead and believes he possesses the required tools since he has won the ultimate in FIFA soccer and such is the quality or taste we need to salvage our lost glory and dignity on the international scene.

He sympathises with our plight and has no axe to grind with colleagues or the authorities since he had never been maltreated or victimised. With all his prowess, he has chosen to meekly start from the bottom of the ladder pay or no pay. Such attitude will provide a level-headed approach for him to select only the best players around without being enticed/bribed or threatened/bullied. The unfortunate losses of the Asamoahs and Freddy Adus may be left to history. Talents nurture very well in fairness.

Offering Desaily the chance may also save the despised image of the top echelon in the sport's admnistration. We do not have to doubt his influence and connections within the rank and file of the powers who genuinely wish to see the development of the game to new heights. The whole world is waiting for Ghana's turn in the World Cup tournament. At least my friends in the Americas and Asia continually remind me thus having seen our shows in the juvenile stages. The authorities therefore, should not be myopic and allow the fire burning in this lovely son of the motherland to die.

But we need to focus on the fact that one man alone won't turn us overnight into world champions without the unflinching support of those directly connected in the admnistration and the press. He will need the goodwill of us all even if the no-money policy is totally abandoned because we all stand to gain from the end results. We can only reap what we sow.

All aspiring contestants for the job must, for God's sake, note the stack difference in being hungry and genuine needs for the right stuff to resuscitate our dying image as a soccer nation. If Desaily succeeds, other doors will certainly be opened to hard working coaches of the land. May God bless Ghana.


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