11.07.2003 Sports News

Teaching of physical education is compulsory in schools.

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Accra, July 11, GNA- The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has expressed grave concern about the downward trend of sports development the country in recent times and has directed that the teaching of physical education in all basic and senior secondary schools should be compulsory.
It consequently reminded all heads of schools that under no circumstances should the preparation of schools teams for participation in competitive sports be erroneously substituted for the teaching of physical education.
A statement issued by the Ministry on Friday said it has observed with great concern that Physical Education (PE) as a subject is not being taught in most first and second cycle institutions as it should be.
It said teachers rather use the period for this equally important subject for other subjects sometimes on the instruction of heads of institutions for what is now termed as extra classes leaving the children with no practical exercises.
It said the Ministry regretted the situation where PE teachers were compelled in a way to concentrate on their second subject areas at the expense of PE, which was their major subject.
The statement also said some sports programmes which should normally be organised in the afternoon, especially in the boarding schools, are not in existence probably due the numerous extra classes. The Ministry therefore blamed teachers for their lukewarm attitude towards the teaching of their own subject and reminded heads of schools that the policy of the Ministry and for that matter Ghana Education Service (GES) on the teaching of PE in the basic and senior secondary schools remained unchanged and every pupil or student was expected to be taught at least twice for 45 minutes in PE lessons per week. This, the statement said, will help the sector produce healthy individuals needed for the development of the country.

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