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GTTA set to introduce scholarships for female cadet players

By Nicholas Akussah || Contributor
GTTA set to introduce scholarships for female cadet players
LISTEN JUL 17, 2021

The president of the Ghana Table Tennis Association, Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu has disclosed that the association will be rolling out a scholarship program to cadet female players.

He made the disclosure at an engagement with the playing body on Friday at the Accra Sports Stadium.

"The scheme will help enroll most of these young females in the various schools who are facing financial difficulties. This, I am sure itwill help develop their playing skills and also unearth more for our national female team", he said.

"We have a lot of senior female players but we need to help promote the young ones also, and this is a long term project for the association," he added.

He, however, added that the female cadet players will serve as feeder for the senior team.

"We will make sure the young ones are provided the right platform for training and exposing them to the right channels. So giving them the needed support will enable them to gather the experience for our various national teams," the president of the association, Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu stated.

He said the association has also outlined proper mechanisms for the juniors in order to ignite their passion.

"We have in line some modalities for the juniors both local and international. We were preparing them for a tournament in August but unfortunately it has been postponed due to the pandemic and I am sure we will embark on some activities to improve their playing skills and mental abilities," he stressed.

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