To Be A Child At Heart And Matured At Mind Makes Living Worth The While.

In the eye of the world to be seen is to be tough and to stiffen up, but in the eye of the universe is to be free and willing to give love, even when it means not getting it back.

 But that's the most difficult move any person will ever want to step up on.

 You see, people believe only and always in getting paid back for what they give out, especially on love and kindness. What they forget is, what if? what if?  Just what if they are the ones in need of this special treat called kindness and warmth of love, and they are expected to pay back through which ever means their strength or capabilities can't afford?
 The quote to be child at heart and matured at mind is such a relatable one to each person planted on this earth in the world. 

It might sound quite like a cliché at first but after its deeper assessment, it's power in depth can be related to.
 The quote simply means, one has to always feel in their heart as a child and loosen up on all self centeredness of showing feelings and emotions as tomorrow is never guaranteed as a promise of breath.

Every moment in the present, today, which is more like a gift, has to be spent without regrets and in peace. Not minding what storm is blowing and destroying the moment into pieces OR what we are going to get back from how kind and generous we are towards others. The UNIVERSE seeks for us to live without stressing ourselves of how we will be rewarded for what we do and to whom (the real reward is living; and the profit of living is the courage we get from making an impact through love to the world), we are only expected to be whole and free at whatever we do for others in good faith, even when the world only seeks after rewards and gifting's.

To enjoy living is to always make time for great relaxation away from all the troubles the world holds, as children make the most of every chance they get to be the child they are. Children are proof of what actual humanity and love is; they give more than what they are given back. Unleashing their inner sweet angel version and offer their possible best to everyone and even their fellow mates without solely troubling themselves over what they will gain from being the real humanitarians the universe expect the world to have. And yet , they are mostly either punished or considered too naïve for being pure.

However, maturity has it's own heavyweight attraction. And to be matured is not centered on the  heart but, the MIND. Because being matured at heart, hardens the heart and deprives the soul from blooming it's beauty (beauty is how pure, kind and loving the soul is in  from the inner parts of an individual). That's why maturity is to be carried in the mind and to know how to calculate and work with that, a person has to pass being a child, for; Childhood is the only preparation to maturity and maturity doesn't matter age or wealth.

 #TO BE A CHILD IS TO BE BRAVE AND TO BE MATURED IS TO BE A CHILD from the courage to be courteous and mindful at how we relate with others which grooms our mindset on how to live and rule whatever situation we find ourselves in.


Author: Precious Oppong

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