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Free Forever…. Hurrayyyy!!!!

Swallowed by the merchandise of gain, he once more sought to impart pain

So grievous was his aim that he missed the soft sounding spells of his name

Takashi, Takashi, but nothing in his elaborate vein would dare charge him to refrain

From the lower button of his elbow, he rounded up his prey

Who was gushing for the gentle breeze of calmly air; or at least the promising sights of day

He gazed with a half bloodied eye, but his countenance had been maimed

Here he was, a double jeopardy of a sought;
Do I tamper with justice? Or shall I instead tamper justice with mercy? He complained…

So loud was the sounds of his complain that the voice vanished into the ceilings of the high heavens

Streams of light journeyed into his wandering soul, as if to grant audience to his plea

But the rays had barely entered when he took to stray

Straying he did from the paths of his initial composure

As though one who had sighted the grandeur of the sun the very first time, his new posture with much pleasure was met,

Applauds! Applauds! Or shall we now say more…?

He took to his wimble heels, a free man from hades
Where Satan, the Prince of doom had lost his stance to Zeus,

That stance which may have entrenched his charms stronger than one his former captive could refuse

Come, come and bow before him you immigrant spirit trapped in the suit of woe

Gently console your darkened soul, for the captive you've once lost is lost indeed

TRULY, a gentleman is he of a sought…
Happy Earthday, KS
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by Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

 Posted by: Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

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