Doctor Linda Ayade Performs Surgeries On Sick Patients

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
Health Workshop Doctor Linda Ayade Performs Surgeries On Sick Patients
DEC 8, 2018 LISTEN

The wife of the executive governor of Cross River, Dr Linda Ayade, left her "throne" to personally perform surgeries and administer free medical services to patients at Lawrence Henshaw Hospital in Calabar, the state capital.

This was done through her pet project, the MEDIATRIX DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION, MDF in partnership with FaithCare International Outreach as surgeries, eye care, dental care, laboratory tests, counselling, Free drugs, were given to the patients.

Dr. Ayade had earlier opined that, “No one should die from diseases that are preventable”, as she urged the general public to turnout and take advantage of these services.

This is the third time that this outreach is been held this year, February and August 2018, it was held at Obudu and July 2018, it was held at Ogoja, and the first of it was held at Ikom and Ugep in 2016.