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Dec 19, 2017 | In The Closet

Singer, Tony Tetuila Show’s off 6Packs

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
Singer, Tony Tetuila Show’s off 6Packs

Singer, Tony Tetuila, might not be making name the way he used to some years back as he is proudly part of those that gave hiphop music a face in the country but that has not stopped him from building a name for himself.

The singer has some private business which he manages and that has kept him busy that he has not come out to rant about his colleagues successes in the industry.

Some years back, he made attempt to delve into Politics in Kwara state and despite not scaling through, that never weakened him but shows how bold he is and having his people at heart.

The singer just can’t do without feeling his youthfulness as he recently showed off his 6packs considering the hot weather around his home.

Against all odds, the singer is really doing well for himself and one can look back and be proud of how far he has come in the industry as he silently builds his home and empire.

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