02.09.2014 Nollywood Voices

What's Next After Uche Ogbodo’s Return To Nigeria With Baby?

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
What's Next After Uche Ogbodos Return To Nigeria With Baby?
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After several controversial issues surrounding her pregnancy and her marriage, Nollywood actress, Star actress, Uche Ogbodo is back in Nigeria after giving birth to her daughter, Chinagorom abroad.

Although reports has it her about 10 year old marriage had crash and now, It is uncertain if she will rejoin her husband after her return.

Meanwhile, the actress has disclosed on her arrival to Nigeria that there is no place like home after she had spent some months in Houston, United States of America.

According to her, “No matter where I go! My #Naija sweet pass a beg. Thankful Spirit. Can't ask for more than I got! #God is still God. Home Sweet home!!!”