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Akropong: Four Grabbed For Enstooling Chief Despite Ban On Gatherings

Akropong: Four Grabbed For Enstooling Chief Despite Ban On Gatherings
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Four royals of the Akuapem traditional area in the Eastern Region have been arrested by the police for flouting the ban on public gatherings as well as failing to adhere to social distancing protocols amidst the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

The Akuapem North Municipal Assembly has said the four spearheaded the enstoolment ceremony and customary rites of the paramount Chief of the Akuapem Traditional area on Friday.

Some Ghanaians took to social media to criticize the action by the traditional area for breaching the President's ban on all forms of public gatherings .

Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Akuapem North, Dennis Edward Aboagye, has told Citi News the police have commenced investigations to arrest more perpetrators.

“I got a call around that there was a crowd at Akpropong around the palace. So we quickly dispatched our information Services Department vans to announce to the people that the ban on social gatherings was still in force and the need for social distancing. Our focus is on the fact that there is a breach of the social distancing rule and the directives of the President.

“That is what the police are investigating now. We have been able to identify four people now and they are with the police. They are still being questioned and if from the police’s point of view they believe that there are more people to be picked up, they will take it from there.”

Government still considering critical steps on public gatherings ban' – Nana Addo

President Nana Akufo-Addo has said some circumstances and conditions have to be carefully considered before the ban on public gatherings is lifted.

He says he is aware of the impact of the closure of schools, churches and mosques.

The President said he is however still holding consultations with key stakeholders including members of the Council of State to conclude on the next line of action as far as the ban is concerned.

“There are still very important measures in place that are impacting the daily lives of our people. How long can we keep the churches closed? How long can we keep the mosques closed? What about our schools? When are they going to be able to resume? What are the circumstances and conditions that we have to see being satisfied before those measures can be taken?”

“There are very critical steps that we all have to think about. The present situation, the emergency cannot be a permanent feature of our national life. We have to at some stage confront the future and how we will address that future. I think at all those critical points, you have an important input to make. There are some amongst who have been reaching out to me on an individual basis but I have not had the opportunity for this collective meeting between the President and his Council of State,” he said.

The ban on social gatherings is still in force, despite the lifting of the partial lockdown on Accra, Kumasi, Tema and Kasoa.

For the avoidance of doubt, President cited “conferences, workshops, funerals, parties, nightclubs, drinking spots, beaches, festivals, political rallies, religious activities and sporting events” as part of activities still banned in Ghana.

Though all educational facilities are also to remain closed, the President said: “businesses and other workplaces can continue to operate, observing staff management and workplace protocols with the view to achieving social distancing and hygiene protocols.”

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