12.04.2020 Feature Article

The Lion Is Not Distracted By The Barking Of The Dog!

Agya Kwaku OgboroAgya Kwaku Ogboro
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“I’ve not seen a Ghanaian leader take such charge in a moment of crisis in my adult life. This probably is the biggest existential crisis this nation has ever faced and Nana Addo doing pretty well, considering that those before him performed so abysmally when confronted with relatively minor crisis like ‘dumsor”- Ato Kwamena-Dadzie.

It has been almost three decades since my father joined his ancestors in Samanfoland, but his words of wisdom continue to live with me and my siblings. He once admonished us not to allow other people's opinion define us because “the lion does not allow itself to be distracted by the barking of a dog”. It's one advice that has helped me withstand the tittle-tattles of naysayers.

Being a septuagenarian, and a very wise one at that, I'm sure President Addo Dee is not unaware of the wise-saying. Indeed, his posturing since his failed presidential bid days till today amply demonstrates that he is not one to be distracted by the discordant noises of political opponents.

For a man who is arguably the most vilified politician of our era, it is still a wonder how he managed to come this far.

When he took the Oath of Office on January 7, 2017, he never imagined being in the situation he finds himself today. Not even in his wildest dream could he have envisaged the outbreak of such a dangerous pandemic. Without a shred of doubt, the COVID-19 outbreak is the biggest crisis to confront any leader in this country.

But the strong leader that he is, he is carefully navigating the ship of state through the dangerous waters towards safety. Majority of the populace is scared, apprehensive and extremely worried about what the impact of the pandemic could be for them, families, communities and nation at large. None is, however, as troubled as he is. Indeed, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

The President has, however, not been overawed by the situation as he has stepped up to the plate in these trying times. He has not only inspired hope in the midst of fear, but also provided well-timed leadership to ensure minimal casualties and suffering.

The last thing this country and its inspirational leader need at this time is a reckless opposition party. Unfortunately that is what we have. The leading opposition, the Eagle-headed Umbrella, virtually barks at every action by the Nana Dee government. When the President announced a 3-month free water supply for persons in the lockdown areas, they screamed that it wasn't enough to cushion the downtrodden. The President heeded the call and extended the freebies to electricity, but the 'dogs' continue to bark giving all manner of flimsy reasons.

You see, Zu-za is a group of persons who only pretend to care for the downtrodden.

That's why they think the waiver on electricity and water bills is nothing. Same way they think free SHS is not important.

They forget there are people who genuinely cannot pay school fees and utility bills.

Again, when the president said he was donating his 3 months' salary into the Covid-19 Fund, the political dogs barked as loud as they could saying “unearned salary”. Today, the seed the President sowed has generated close to GHC10m; and you can imagine what that amount can do if used efficiently. True leadership, indeed!

But they quickly shifted the goalpost and started a new debate. They decided to compare the seed Nana Dee sowed to the donation made by President Ogwanfunu.

In other words, they decided to subject the donations by the two to comparative analysis. But what they deliberately ignored is the fact that Nana Dee is not “Government Official 1”, so does not have his pocket lined with ill-gotten cowries.

As for their Members of Parliament, the least said about them the better. What they know best is to collect double salaries and organize press conferences that have no bearing on the lives of the people they profess to represent. How on earth could the Minority organize a press conference in these times only to seek credit for their leader for the government's use of 'Ayalolo' buses? Is that singular irresponsible act not ample proof that they belong to a party that only thinks about the next election, and not the people?

Well, they can continue to dabble in politicking, partisanship, cynicism and self-aggrandizement. We will not be distracted because we have a pandemic to fight.

Fortunately for us, our leader is a lion who will not allow himself to be distracted by the barking of dogs.

Until I see you again for another interesting konkonsa, stay home and keep safe! Happy Easter to all!

By Agya Kwaku Ogboro

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