24.03.2020 General News

Ga West Assembly Form Taskforce To Ensure Good Sanitation In Markets

Ga West Assembly Form Taskforce To Ensure Good Sanitation In Markets
LISTEN MAR 24, 2020

The Ga West Municipal Assembly will deploy a taskforce to ensure that markets within its jurisdiction are kept clean as the country fights to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This follows the disinfection of markets in the municipality as well as other markets in the Greater Accra Region on Monday to stop the spread of Coronavirus in Ghana.

The Municipal Chief Executive Officer for Ga West, Clement Wilkinson said efforts will be made to ensure that the markets are kept clean and activities undertaken there are done under hygienic conditions.

He also said veronica buckets and sanitizers will be made available in the markets as well.

“We have a taskforce and we are going to put the veronica buckets everywhere and sanitizers. We will make sure that the taskforce people will be around the market so if you are doing something contrary to what you are supposed to do, we will question you,” he said. Markets sprayed

On Monday, about 1,300 sprayers were deployed to disinfect 137 markets in 28 districts of the Greater Accra Region. The exercise was part of measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ghana.

The sprayers used Chlorine Dioxide and Sodium Hypochloride for the disinfection exercise.

The decision to disinfect the markets was arrived at in consultation with the various market leaders in the wake of the increasing cases of COVID-19 recorded in Ghana.

The Local Government Ministry said the disinfection exercise will be extended to markets in other regions in the coming days.

According to deputy sector Minister, OB Amoah, after the exercise ends in the capital, it will be carried out in markets in other regions throughout the week.

“It is supposed to be a nationwide exercise. We are starting from Accra and we are hoping that during the week, all the other regions will also have their turn,” he said in an interview on the Citi Breakfast Show.

Markets resume

Meanwhile, Citi News’ reporters have observed that activities in markets in Accra have bounced back to normal following the disinfection exercise on Monday.

Some traders were seen in the market as early as 3 am to do business.

Some of the traders expressed satisfaction about the exercise, indicating that the temporary closure of the market on Monday enabled them to rest.


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