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22.03.2020 Crime & Punishment

Businesswoman, International Human Rights Ambassador Seeks Justice

…For Son's Legally Acquired Property
Businesswoman, International Human Rights Ambassador  Seeks Justice
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Businesswoman, Hajia Jamila is seeking justice for a house she and the husband acquired for their son (name withheld) as a birthday gift.

In June 2017, the couple bought the property from Nana Oware, also known as Benjamin Oware Fotuah, which was serving as collateral for loans from Ghana Leasing Company and Ideal Finance and other financial institutions.

The buyers (businesswoman and the husband) succeeded in defraying the outstanding bill in the presence of the loanee and the financial institutions at the office of the buyers.

Later, the financial institution in possession of the document covering the house handed it to the buyers and signed to authenticate their (Buyers) ownership in 2017.

Additionally, counsel for the seller Prince Fredrick N. Neequaye acted as a witness for a receipt of $20,000 for the original copy of the document from Ghana Leasing Company.

Strangely, Kate Addo, ex-wife of Oware Fotuah from nowhere has emerged making demands for payment of an outstanding $90,000.

But to the buyers, who now legally owns the property, the seller (Oware) authorized the buyers to pay Kate a sum of $20,000 which they did and she (Kate) put together a handwritten invoice to that effect.

Nana Oware's ex-wife later pressed home for more cash, and when the buyers stated clearly that they don't have any business with her, she ironically threatened and has dragged them to court.

Before the transaction, the seller's lawyer, Prince Fredrick guaranteed that Oware Fotuah was the sole owner of the property, making Kate an alleged scammer.

The worried businesswoman said " I am only seeking justice for what legally belongs to my son. I am totally surprised at Kate's weird conduct because the husband made it clear in our presence together with Kate that she has already been settled as her compensation package since 2008 and that she has no business with us.

“We don't have any business with her, if she has issues, she should go to the husband. Why didn't she take the ex-husband to court all these years?

“Why didn't she pay the loan of 100,000$ that her ex-husband took in 2006? why is her name not captured on the search we made at the Lands Survey Department before we bought the property.?

“Why was her name not captured on the loans we paid? Is she now claiming $90,000 from us, while we didn't have any contract of sale with her.? ”

Ironically, she is claiming a balance of $90,000 that she wrote on a paper and signed it by herself.

Indications are that the buyers had not signed any document to the alleged scammer (Kate).

The businesswoman added “We petitioned her and the ex-husband to the Ghana Police to refund our money and they should take back the property but the ex-husband confirmed to the Police that he sold his property and he has since been paid fully and that we are the rightful owners.

“He stated clearly to the Police that his ex-wife, Kate has nothing to do with the property he sold to us. He clearly said that if she has anything to do with him then, she can take him to court but she didn't and rather taking us the buyers after paying outright for the property to the court.

"She uses her alleged connections to Jubilee House to intimidate us several times But she won't succeed because we see her and as scammer. We had the transaction with the rightful owner the husband and we paid him in full. All we are seeking is justice."

Indications are that she is allegedly hiding behind some high ranking political figures in her pursuit to wrestle what rightfully belongs to the buyers through foul means.

Consequently, the court has issued an injunction on the property in question.

Meanwhile, lawyers for the buyer are bracing themselves for a showdown to fight injustice perpetrated by the beleaguered divorcee who was captured in an audio recording saying she has nothing to do with the seller and her ex-husband.