10.04.2006 General News

Dismiss Kwadwo Mpianim - NPP

10.04.2006 LISTEN
By The Heritage

Executives of the Greater Accra regional branch of the NPP are calling on the Chief of Staff to resign or face street actions on Thursday April 13, 2006.

The Financial secretary of the regional branch of the party, Nii Boye Laryea said it is only the reversal of the decision to disband the GIA management and the resignation of the Chief of staff that can avert a street revolt against their own government.

Mr Laryea accused Mr Mpianim and his group of powerful men behind President Kufuor of engineering the operation against the management of the airline in order to have maximum control over it.

“We are going to give them ultimatums to reverse the decision on GIA and if possible we like the chief of staff to be changed… we want him sacked from the post of chief of staff because he has misconducted himself.

He must resign or the President should fire him otherwise we'll demonstrate till that happens,” he said.

According to Mr Laryea, the Chief of staff has gone beyond his limit.

“We think he has let Ghana down. His actions can affect US-Ghana relations. Power can rot. Mr Pianim and his people think they have power… they think they should have everything… they don't want anybody to have anything, they are owning everything. We know them, they don't know how to create, they only know how to own. This time we will go after them seriously,” he said.

“He was nobody before we came to power some years back. He was staying in somebody's boys' quarters, he was no body… all of a sudden he has grown wings because the power is there and the president has allowed him to do all these sort of things,” Mr Laryea said.

Government has 70 per cent shares and the GIA US is supposed to take 30 per cent shares with the power to form the management of the company.

According to the Heritage newspaper, management of the airline are taking hefty salaries with the CEO going home with a whopping $120,000 and Mr Crabbe himself taking $30,000 in his role as the Vice –President in charge of operations and public affairs.

These according to the Heritage sources did not go down well with government hence the crass security operations to take over the management and control of the airline.

Meanwhile, Mr Crabbe says as far as he is concerned the actions taken over the weekend are legally not binding and that he will report to work unless physical force is used to get him off.

“If I get there on Monday and they physically try to restrain me then that is a different thing but I believe that I am still an officer of that corporation,” he said.

Mr Crabbe says they will seek arbitration at the International Court of Justice at The Hague if the decision is not reversed.

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