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25.11.2019 Feature Article

Referendum: Vote ‘No’ To Prevent Political Divisiveness!

Referendum: Vote ‘No’ To Prevent Political Divisiveness!

Partisan's activities in Ghana political landscape have a mismatch with socio-economic and developmental fundamentals. As a country, the best mark in embracing multi-party democracy is Fail. We must therefore as a country appreciate the views of many constituents in Ghana who have rejected the idea of electing MMDAs on party lines.

The constitutional review committee report clearly presented the views of many Ghanaians supporting the election of Metropolitan, Municipal & District Chief Executive (MMDAs) through Universal Adult Suffrage. However, the idea of partisanship to colonize local level elections was rejected. Government cannot, therefore, issue a white paper to forced Ghanaian to do their bidding by going to a referendum, and appealing for Yes Vote.

It is sad to note that, politics in Ghana has not been seen as a contest of ideas rather, an organized system with a set of cabal ready to amassed wealth. Our societies, communities and Municipalities and even religious settings are more divided than we thought. It is, therefore, appropriate to urge all meaning Ghanaians to reject the introduction of Multi-party system at our local level.

The idea is muted out to help the course of political parties in their organization or re-organization at the local level; this is because an elected assembly Member with party colors is more likely to do the bidding of his political party and collective responsibility will be lost to the political party, rather to the electorate.

We must not understand the meaning of democracy to only entails partisanship and rather more encompassing to include advancing socio-economic and general well being of the citizenry. The simple questions to ask: have multi-party democracy fulfilled the needs of the people of Bawku- Bulmakom as their road is been left an attended too; is the Bolga- Tumu road fixed? What have we done to curbed child marriage? And are all expectant mothers guaranteed of safe birth? The answer is obviously no.

The Ghanaian political system has failed and for that matter, we need to engage in critical thinking of alternatives ways of weakening the powers of party regimes and one surest way is to reject the proposal of the government to further polarize our societies and communities. This will only create divisions, rancor and over monetization of our already democratic institutions that allow power to be taken by only the wealthy and privileged class.

The ideal ways to go is for the amendment of article 55 (3) should be amended for the elections in non- partisans line. It will be sad to sit on the fence to allow political capons to hijack our communities and further divide us. Let us vote No against political divisiveness!

Author: Tahiru Lukman
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Tahiru Lukman
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