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14.03.2006 General News

Tony Aidoo Diverts Party Vehicle For Rental Services

By The Vanguard
The Vanguards investigations have confirmed that when Dr. TonyAidoo was appointed the NDC's Director of Research, he was allocated a cross-country vehicle for the effective and efficient execution of his duties in order to help the party make informed decisions. However, when Dr. Aidoo was relieved of his position for non-performance he refused to return the vehicle to his employers and rather left the party headquarters with the vehicle. According to sources, even though previous executives of the party made efforts to retrieve the vehicle, Dr. Tony Aidoo refused to heed to their calls to return it. Vanguard investigations corroborated by our sources at the party's headquarters confirmed that the nation's most notorious loose talker is allegedly using the vehicle for rental services for his personal benefit. Meanwhile the Vanguard is withholding the vehicle's registration number for obvious reasons.Another revelation that we uncovered indicate that the NDC acquired 10 sets of computers in the year 2004 to be installed in all the ten regional head offices of the party to monitor and collate the results of the 2004 general elections. The source alleged that Dr. Joe Tony Aidoo was given the mandate to head the monitoring collating team. Conversely, according to the sources, the party never received any such election results from the team and till tomorrow, only heaven knows where the said computers can be found.
Records at the opposition NDC headquarters reveals that during his about four year reign as Director of Research of NDC, Dr. Aidoo woefully failed to produce even a single leaflet of research findings so as to assist the party take decisions based on accurate research conclusions despite his academic credentials. As a result, he was relieved of his position under the Obed-led administration and from there, he sent the party's former National Chairman to the cleaners accusing him of hijacking party structures and funds to the detriment of the party.
His verbal diarrhea then went from bad to worse as he seized the moment to showcase his professed capabilities and accused Dr. Obed Asamoah of acting ultra-vires to the constitution of the NDC by sacking and calling for probe into the conduct of the party's then General Secretary, Dr. Nii Armah Josiah Aryeh.
He is also on record to have accused the Ashanti nation of hijacking this country because they believe the bulk of the nation's mineral and other resources such as gold, timber, cocoa etc comes from their area. He is believed to be an extremist in terms of political and social matters. He has shown strong hatred for the Danquah/Busia political tradition through which the ruling NPP draws its political ideology.