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Tony Aidoo: Do not trust Kufuor

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Tony Aidoo: Do not trust Kufuor
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Dr. Tony Aidoo says Ghanaians should not trust President Kufuor because he is not trust worthy.

He said the President is like someone “who when he sells a second-hand car to you, make sure you look into the bonnet because the car probably has no engine in it.”

Dr. Aidoo who was a former deputy Defence Minister in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government said these in a telephone interview on Radio Gold Thursday morning May 22, 2008.

Dr. Aidoo was making remarks in anticipation of the President's address to the nation during which he is expected to announce subsidies to cushion the poor against rising food and fuel prices.

He said Ghanaians should not expect anything special from the President's address, questioning why it has taken the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government seven years in power to realise that Ghanaians are suffering.

He accused the President of facilitating corruption in his government by “taking kickbacks himself.”

Dr. Tony Aidoo condemned the economic policies of the NPP, saying they have failed Ghanaians.

The media announced Wednesday that the President would make a major announcement on the economy Thursday at 8:00pm. He is expected to mention specific interventions aimed at reducing the cost of some petroleum products and some imported foods.

He is also expected to announce reduction on taxes on kerosene, diesel and pre-mix fuel.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi.