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06.11.2019 NDC News

Should President Akufo Addo Appoint Your "Useless" Family Members To Form His Government? - David Prah Questions NDC's Sammy Gyamfi

By Kwabena Nyarko Abronoma
David Prah
NOV 6, 2019 NDC NEWS

The Eastern Regional Communications Director of New Patriotic Party Mr. David Prah has hit hard on the National Communications Officer of the opposition NDC’s Mr. Sammy Gyamfi describing the latter's press conference as useless, unnecessary and unfortunate.

Speaking to the Media in the Eastern Regional’s capital Koforidua, Mr. David Prah asked whether Mr. Sammy Gyamfi and the NDC were expecting President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to appoint he, Sammy Gyamfi and Former President John Mahama's families into positions to form his government.

He described the Press Conference of the NDC addressed by its Communications Officer this afternoon as useless, shameful and complete waste of Ghanaians precious time. He indicated that the NDC leadership including their Flagbearer John Mahama have no message and are bereft of ideas so have taken to "Gutter Politics".

He asked where Mr. Sammy Gyamfi was when the Former President and now NDC Flagbearer Mr. John Mahama appointed the following family Members and cronies into his government during the 8-year rule of NDC from 2009 - 2017:

  1. Hannah Tetteh-Minister of foreign affairs.
  2. Gabrielle Tetteh- Office of the Vice President
  3. Gizella Tetteh- Board Member, Ghana Airports Authority. (these are sisters from the same father)
  4. Ato Ahwoi-Board chairman Ghana Infrastructure Fund
  5. Kwesi Ahwoi-High commissioner to South Africa
  6. Kwamena Ahwoi- Board chairman, Revenue Agencies Board. (all brothers from one mother)
  7. Comfort Ahwoi( Kwesi's wife), Board Member, Bulk Oil Storage, and Transportation.
  8. Tony Lithur-Board Chairman, Ghana Airports company
  9. Nana Oye Lithur(Tony's wife), Minister of Women and Children's Affairs.
  10. Alex Mould-CEO, GNPC
  11. Betty Mould, NDC national vice-chairperson(Alex's sister).
  12. Ibrahim Mahama, Presidents brother( in charge of all government contracts.
  13. Sylvanus Tetteh-Tamakloe, Ibrahim's maternal uncle(Mahama's Uncle), Ghana Ambassador to Zimbabwe.
  14. Henry Smith-ambassador to USA
  15. Victor Smith( Henry's brother), High Commissioner to UK
  16. Lee Ocran-Board chairman Volta River Authority and former Education Minister
  17. Sati Ocran-Board member, SSNIT.(Lee Ocran's wife).
  18. Jabesh Amissah- CEO of Bui Dam authority. ( Vice President's direct brother).
  19. Sammy Gyamfi - Spokesperson for Ibrahim Mahama
  20. Haruna Iddrusu- Minister of Communications ( Mahama's best pet)
  21. Elizabeth Ofosu Agyare -Minister of Tourism (daughter of the Mr. Adjei Mensah, NDC Strongman)
  22. Former President Prof. Atta Mills and his brother Dr. Cadman Mills.
  23. Ewurabena Ahwoi - GES Director-General
  24. Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur (Vice President)
  25. Jabesh Amissah-Arthur Bui Power Authority (BPA) Chief Executive Officer.(Brother of Amissah Arthur)
  26. Joyce Bawah Mogtari - Deputy Minister of Transport ( President Mahama's Sister)
  27. Hudu Mogtari - FDA boss ( Husband of Joyce Bawah Mogtari), etc.
  28. Alhaji Suhuyini - Board of Civil Aviation
  29. Ahmed Suhuyini - Road Fund Board ( Brother of Suhuyini's Brother)
  30. Kwabena Donkor - Energy Minister
  31. Yaw Donkor - Director of BNI (Brother of Kwabena Donkor)

Mr. Prah questioned the authority of the NDC Communications Officer to display the pictures of prominent Ghanaian citizens on National Television as though they were criminals and asked Psychiatrists to check the mental health of Sammy Gyamfi and provide him with appropriate medication to get him healed.

He further asked the NDC why they did not appoint all those people they mentioned in their Press conference into their government? Because they are all Ghanaians or is it because they are NPP members?

Mr. Prah stated that the massive developmental projects being carried out by the NPP Government such the One District One Factory, Free SHS, Planting for Food and jobs, NABCO, One Village One Dam, One District One Warehouse, etc. for the betterment of the country are causing fear and panic in the NDC hence their needless and useless press conferences.

The good news is that the president of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has Not given out Ghana’s Bauxite amounting to Billions of Dollars to his brother like John Mamaha did even when he has lost power miserably as a result of his incompetence and gross corruption practices. Again, the list Sammy Gyamfi and his cohorts are mentioning to be family members of the president is an indication that they don’t read and clearly do not know the family members of the president. Again, the people the NDC mentioned as cronies of the president are well resourced, qualified and competent to do the job assigned them by the president, unlike John Mahama’s appointees who performed abysmally.

He, therefore, challenged the NDC to come out with policy alternatives to the numerous policies and programmes that the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo's led government has enrolled and ensuring its continuity.

Mr. Prah called on well-meaning Ghanaians to ignore the wicked propaganda of the NDC since the country cannot get back to the days of Thievery, Dumsor, and Corruption when Mahama was in power. THE ALTERNATIVE GOVERNMENT LED BY JOHN MAHAMA IS SCARY.