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06.11.2019 Press Statement

NDC Condemns Legal Suit Against Nananom By Berekum Municipal Assembly

By Berekum East Constituency
NDC Condemns Legal Suit Against Nananom By Berekum Municipal Assembly

For the past few months, the issue of the KVIP at the main station has become a topic for public discussion and has attracted comments from both home and abroad.

Last week, the National Democratic Congress was shocked to hear that the impasse among Nananom, Berekumman Citizens Association, and the Municipal Assembly has attracted a court suit.

As stakeholders in Berekum, we wish to state our official position on that matter.

1. The National Democratic Congress is a party that believes in development, that's why all our years in government has always been dedicated to infrastructural development and as well would have coveted for a more opened and accommodative approach such as a round table discussion, tete-a-tete and jaw-jawing since it has gotten to do with the development of Berekum.

2. Per the statement from Nananom and the press conference they held, it is clear that the intention of Berekuman Citizens Association is not a bad one especially on the basis of health since that particular KVIP could cause a cholera outbreak.

3.NDC in Berekum after series of consultations especially with the masses, we realized majority of the people of Berekum want a face-lift of the area since that particular KVIP has become a "headache" to many especially those living around the station.

4. We hereby will at anytime support and welcome any action or idea of partnering for development since government alone cannot develop the nation and development comes with collective efforts.

5. We also would like to plead with the Municipal Chief Executive to find a common ground on solving the problem at hand instead of the legal suit they have resorted to especially when Nananom are involved.

6. As politicians, we would like to advice ourselves on giving the maximum respect to the tradition that binds us together than hide behind politics to discreet the most respected stools on the land, we hereby condemn the gross disrespect, insubordination and the unwarranted comments by section of the NPP leadership in Berekum East against Nananom and the Berekumman Citizens Association because party politics came to meet our Chieftency institutions, such must remain revered, sacrosanct and Respected.

Once again, the National Democratic Congress in Berekum East would like to call on all the parties involved to find a common ground to put this matter to rest by putting Berekum first in whatever we do.

God bless Berekum
God bless the National Democratic Congress
God bless Our Homeland Ghana 🇬🇭.