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06.11.2019 General News

Alleged Coup Plot: My Client Has Not Been Invited By BNI — Toobu's Lawyer

By News Desk
Alleged Coup Plot: My Client Has Not Been Invited By BNI — Toobu's Lawyer

Reports that retired Superintendent of Police, Peter Lanchene Toobu, has been invited by the Bureau of National (BNI) for his alleged involvement in an alleged coup plot have been flatly denied.

Legal counsel for the former Executive Secretary to the former Inspector General of Police (IGP) David Appeatu said his client has not been invited by the BNI over the coup plot allegations.

Abraham Amaliba, who is also the Wa West parliamentary candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), said Mr Toobu is yet to receive an invitation from any of the security agencies investigating the matter.

Media reports have suggested that the police officer has already been interrogated over the matter following suspicions that he had foreknowledge of the alleged plot to destabilise the country.

However, Mr Amaliba told Starr FM that “Mr Toobu has not been invited by the BNI with relation to any alleged coup plot. He has not indicated to us that the BNI have reached him on any matter. Mr Toobu as at yesterday mentioned that that platform has some people on it as well as himself. However, there hasn’t been any discussion of coup on the platform according to him.”

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The Upper West Regional Communication Secretariat has issued a statement admonishing the public to disregard publications on social media and some media portals that, Mr Toobu, the Wa West Parliamentary candidate of the NDC, has been picked up by BNI.

“The NDC in the Upper West wants to make it emphatically clear that, Supt (Rtd) Peter Toobu is a law abiding citizen who has spent a considerable part of his life serving this nation diligently as an officer of the law. At no point in time within his life has he acted in aberration of same law that he protected so diligently.

“His love and respect for democracy and rule of law made him present himself to serve his people through the established democratic processes after resigning from the Ghana Police Service where he occupied a lofty position as Executive Secretary to the IGP for many years,” the NDC statement said.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dr Benjamin Agordzo, who has been detained for his alleged involvement in th coup plot, has refused to eat.

This, according to his lawyer, Martin Kpebu, is to protest against the violations of his rights at the BNI cells. Speaking on J oy News on Tuesday, he said ACP Dr Agordzo is not doing well.

“His wife prevailed upon him but he said ‘No’, he is not going to eat. He is abhorred at how the BNI is treating him,” he revealed.