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22.02.2006 Football News

Alhaji Grunsah bemoans new power shift in the FA


Accra, Feb 22, GNA - Alhaji Karim Grunsah, the fonder and bankroller of Kumasi King Faisal has expressed worry at the new power shift of the administrative hierarchy of the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

The fiery Faisal Boss renowned for his outspokenness said it is very unfortunate that the new shift towards interest for the lower league clubs could hurt Premier League clubs who currently do not have much say as far as the two most powerful positions in the new Ghana football administrative structure is concerned.

Alhaji Grunsah made these remarks in an interview with the GNA Sports in Accra after Mr Fred Pappoe, one of the six Division One representatives on the GFA Executive Committee pipped George Amoaku, representing the interest Premier League Clubs for the position of Vice-President.

This means that the Mr Kwasi Nyantakyi, the GFA President representing Upper West Heroes and Mr Pappoe, representing Mitdjyland, both Division One clubs hold the two most powerful positions as far as Ghana Football is concerned.

The Faisal Boss said since the President of the GFA and his Vice-President are on the Executive Committee representing the interest first division clubs, he felt they should have been some horse trading during the election for the Vice-President so that the Premier League Clubs would also have their representative occupying the number two spot.

"Though people would say that the best person won on the day, since the election was done on the basis of universal adult suffrage, it is also sometimes important to have all interest represented, with some compromising to be done" Alhaji Grunsah said he has nothing personal against the GFA President and his Vice but that he only thinks the interest of the Premier League Clubs would have been better served if things were done the other way round.

"For now the Premier League Clubs are watching if their fears would come to pass".

He said for now they are patiently watching the situation but the moment they get the slightest inclination that their interest is being over looked they would be forced to form a Premier League Clubs Association to fight for their own interest. On Tuesday, 21 out of the 22 Executive Committee members of the GFA at its meeting in Accra elected Pappoe as the new Vice-President of the Association. Mr Pappoe polled 12 votes against Amoaku's nine votes. The power shift did not also end with the election of the Vice-President slot; it was also evident in the composition of the new Emergency Committee whose duty is to see to the day to day running of the association in between Executive Committee meetings. Of the five members made up of the GFA President, his Vice and three members from the Executive Committee, three represent the interest of First Division Clubs whilst two represent the Premier League Clubs. 22 Feb. 06