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30.08.2019 General News

Illegal Deduction Of Nagrat Volta Fund And Welfare Contribution

By NAGRAT - Kpando Chapter
Illegal Deduction Of Nagrat Volta Fund And Welfare Contribution
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The National Association of Graduate Teachers - Kpando Technical Institute Local Chapter condemns the illegal deduction of welfare dues from the Controller and Accountant Generals Department (CAGD) by the Regional Leadership of the association and as a matter of urgency should desist from this act and refund all monies illegally deducted.

Members of the association in the region have realized deductions of varying figures depending on ranks between GHC31.00 and GHC 60.00 which faction of members are now calling the principle of “the bigger the monkey, the longer the tail.”

We want to remind the leadership of NAGRAT-Volta that we did not fill any contract or commitment form to join or subscribe to any welfare scheme and under no condition should we be coerced to join which in the long run will enrich someone for his personal aggrandizement. We did not elect them into office to subject members to such wickedness.

We also wish to refresh the minds of leadership of NAGRAT-Volta that there is a quota of the dues we pay monthly which takes care of welfare related issues hence we do not want any welfare scheme. If Leadership so wish to introduce a welfare scheme, it is in their domain to collect data on members who want to be part before the roll out and not the other way round.

We also want to reiterate that there are pressing issues affecting members of the association in the region which leadership need to focus their arsenals on;

  1. NAGRAT-Volta claimed to have acquired lands which interested members paid for and over 6 years now, members are yet to take possessions of the said lands.
  2. Members who have been promoted to various ranks in the service for over a year and a half are yet to see their salaries upgraded even after undergoing the necessary documentations.

These issues among others are what we expect leadership to be championing.

We call on other members of the association in the region to rise with us to condemn this dictatorship act of NAGRAT-Volta leadership because it is illegal and barbaric.

We also wish to call on the National Executives of NAGRAT to intervene because the posture the leadership of NAGRAT-Volta has assumed is not only making the association unpopular but unappealing among members in recent years and if this continues, members are ready to advise themselves.

Thank you.