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16.02.2006 General News

Ghana Airways 'Forgets' Its $4 million?

By The Analyst (Monrovia)

Liberia's Posts & Telecoms Owes Ghana Airways Liberia's former Post & Telecommunications Affairs Deputy Minister for Administration in the dissolved National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) Towah A. Towah has disclosed a huge indebtedness of his Ministry that exposes it to legal action by the defunct Ghana Airways in the country.

The former Postal Affairs executive disclosed that prior to the seating of the Charles Gyude Bryant led Transitional Government, the ministry had accrued over US$4 million as a debt for transporting mails from Liberia to other parts of the world.

This amount, which is yet to be paid to Ghana Airways in Monrovia, was accrued under past governments.

According to Mr. Towah, the authority of that ministry under the leadership of former minister Eugine Nagbe broke the mail transport with the company to avoid increment in debt to that government owned airline in the country.

The huge debt, he said made Ghana Airways on many occasions to threaten the ministry with a lawsuit.

Commenting further, Towah noted that the ministry's failure to pay or to reduce the debt due to the airlines was due to the lack of support by the former Chairman Gyude Bryant led government, a situation that paralyzed the operation of the ministry.

The Former Postal Affairs boss cautioned the new minister, Jackson E. Doe to anticipate a writ of summons from the Ghana Airways as the airline is still determined to collect it.

Meanwhile, no information on the matter was obtained from the Ghana Airways management, though some Postal Affairs employees were discussing the matter in the corridors of the ministry over thereby corroborating Mr. Towah's information as the truth since he was second in command at the ministry.