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Do You Have All The Time To Decide To Marry?

Do You Have All The Time To Decide To Marry?
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Social media is inundated with all kinds of modern sense that people quote to decide not to marry early

One of such thoughts is ' It is better to marry long than hurry to marry wrong '.

And people are holding on to this supposed wisdom to decide not to marry until they are about to retire.

Of course, it is true that nobody should force anybody to marry; and people can decide never to marry.

It is a higher call. Jesus actually sold that idea to his hearers. He called some of them to celibacy.

And so one can decide not to marry; to remain single for life.

But what one who decides not to marry early should know is that the Koran and the Bible abhor people having sex outside marriage institutions.

And so , you cant be claiming the right to have sex all over the places whilst unmarried. It is immoral ; even pagans dont accept that habits.

So,the choice is to the individual.

Get married as early as possible so you dont burn in this evil passion ( premarital sex) or you close your 'anus' and live an acceptable single life.

You cannot be asking society to stop putting pressure on you to getmarried; when a week cannot pass without you craving for sex as you live a single life.

You cannot be changing sexual partners every six months just because you want to wait and marry right.

In our time today, single people are engaged in wild premarital sex; they dont see anything wrong with it.

They even come to social media to complain to us that their boyfriends can't satisfy them.

It is shocking. Soon, thieves would come complaining to us that they are not successful in their business because the economy is bad.

Something is wrong with this society; a society that tells people to wait as long as it takes to get married to one person so they dont marry wrong , but does not see anything wrong with young people changing sexual partners at will.

We have a society that sees polygyny as wrong; but encourages young single ladies to have sex at will.

It is right that marriage shouldn't be forced on a person; in fact; not everybody would get married; and those who marry; not everybody would have children.

So, single life should be encouraged; people could be single; dedicate themselves to hard work and use their resources to take care of the poor in their families and society.

You cant live a single life being selfish all your life; you risk being alone in your old age because you enjoyed single life without sacrificing for anybody.

Single people should work hard and take responsibilities in society as married people do.

But if you want to marry; you must do it early. Immatured and foolish couple makes better marriage than old experienced people.

It is a fact; that is why societies encourage people to marry by 16 years for the female and by 18 for the male.

Couples at this tender age come with their innocence to learn and to adapt to each other.

Couples who are old usually find it difficult to adapt to each other because they are used to their individual lives for most part of their lives.

The earlier one marries the better.

It is better to be with one person trying all day all night to work hard to overcome your differences with him or her than being single and moving from one partner to another.

It is far better to be a second wife; than being single and having premarital sex.

You would surely be in heaven being a second wife here; than being single and having premarital sex when judgement day comes.

Life is difficult for everybody; married or unmarried.

People who arent married dont have happier lives than married people.

Paul Zowonu


19/07/19: 11:47.

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