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18.06.2019 General News

Stop Demonising Nigerians In Ghana—Nigeria High Commissioner To Ghana Media

Ambassador Micheal Olufemi Abikoye
LISTEN JUN 18, 2019
Ambassador Micheal Olufemi Abikoye

Nigeria High Commission in Ghana has expressed concern over the bad media tag on its citizens in Ghana as grand schemers of crimes in the country.

In a statement issued by Nigeria High Commissioner to Ghana, Ambassador Micheal Olufemi Abikoye, such bad media tags do not only sought to demonized its citizens but also expose them to xenophobic attacks in Ghana.

The Commission says only a few of them involve in criminal activities which should not be generalised as all Nigerians, especially in the recent spate of kidnapping in the country.

“The Ghanaian press, both print and electronic as well as social media seems to have enjoyed a field day in demonising Nigeria which for all intent and purposes, is seen as a fraternal brother to Ghana.”

Many of the suspects arrested by security for kidnapping involved a number of Nigerians as ring leaders which raised serious concerning Nigerian nationals in Ghana.

This, the Nigeria High Commission said could spark xenophobic attack on its citizens and urge the media to desist from inciting Ghanaians against Nigerians.

He added that it could tarnish the strong bilateral relations between the two West Africa nations.

The High Commission lamented that the bad media tag has caused untold pains and agony as well as apprehension to its citizens in Ghana and believed it would affect the nation's relations if the trend continues unabated.

The Nigeria High Commission therefore appealed to the Ghanaian media to be circumspect in their reportage, stressing that, “the ongoing media trial of criminals which was now being turned into a media trial of Nigeria as a country, calls for moderation on the part of media practitioners in Ghana.”

The two West Africa nations have been in good standing since the pre-colonial era.

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