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12.06.2019 General News

Amenfi Central DCE Reshapes Jedua Kesse Road

Amenfi Central DCE Reshapes Jedua Kesse Road

As part of his efforts to make Manso Amenfi easily accessible to all communities in the District, The Wassa Amenfi Central District Chief Executive, Hon. Patrick Hockson Amponteng in collaboration with Memphis Metropolitan construction LTD is reshaping the Agona-Amenfi to Jedua Kesse road which is in a very deplorable state.

The road which connects from Asankragwa to the town is dotted with several potholes making it difficult for residents, farmers and traders to ply.

The Assemblyman of the area who doubles as the Presiding member for the Assembly, Hon Henry Obeng Asaah expressed his appreciation for the work of the DCE and support towards the development of the area.

Patrick Amponteng however revealed that, there is much pressure on the Assemblies grader hence, was thankful to Memphis Metropolitan construction Ltd for adhering to his call.

Ankaasie, Dominase, Agona Amenfi, Nyamebekyere, Ajakaa Manso, Kyeraa Nkwanta and many other communities, when completed, will benefit hugely as almost all roads in the Wassa Amenfi Central District are in a very deplorable state.

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