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20.05.2019 Crime & Punishment

Most Popular Artistes Camp Wield Guns Nowadays - Edem Reveals

By Clement Akoloh
Most Popular Artistes Camp Wield Guns Nowadays - Edem Reveals

Stonebwoy who was seen pulling his gun over a fracas with Shatta Wale and his at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) on Saturday, is just a tip of the iceberg of a much bigger one waiting to explode in the entertainment industry in Ghana one day.

According to information gathered by ModernGhana, in the camp of every major artist at every major event organized in the country, there is at least one person wearing a gun.

This is according to Hiplife artist, Edem who has cautioned state security to take the action of gun-wielding artists seriously, because the practice which is gradually creeping into the music industry is more pervasive than perceived.

He added that the country would have itself to blame one day if it fails to do something about it now.

“I can tell them that every team goes on the road and at least one member wears a weapon,” he revealed.

The artist said this in an interview with Bernard Avleh on the Citi Breakfast Show on Monday, May 20, 2019, following the incident at the VGMA’s where Stonebwoy is alleged to have pulled out a gun on stage in fracas with his opponent, Shatta Wale.

The high profile event which was supposed to mark the 20th-anniversary edition of the Ghana Music Awards, and to celebrate Ghanaian music on the global front, was marred by the ugly scene between the two big dancehall artists in the country.

The Ghanaian Hiplife artist, Edem, popularly known for his English and Ewe blended music, indicated that he is on the ground and he can comfortably say that every camp in the music industry wants to be reinforced.

His reason is that nobody wants another camp to come and destroy their image or brand in the media.

He lamented that nobody is trying to curb this image shuttering and brand damaging problem ongoing in the industry.

“When they go for shows, everybody has somebody who is secured because you don’t to be the person to look weak when somebody walks up to you; or may show their things off stage because they wield a metal. O you don’t want your fans to say; ‘why did you let this person bully you and you didn’t react’. And I told you that if actions are not taken, this thing is going to get out of hand,” he cautioned.

In order to ensure that such needless beefs do not continue to happen among musicians, Edem advised journalists and show hosts to desist from pitching artists against each other by comparing them to each other and asking people to choose their best artists among others.

“We should stop fueling it. We are in a new era where you don’t even have to interview people and ask them, artist A or artist B, who do you think is better? We have to change the narrative. We don’t have to compare people’s talent anymore, we just have to celebrate them,” Edem said.