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08.05.2019 Regional News

“Y33 Wu Ooo” Inter-Party Demonstration Hits Techiman

...Bdul Aziz Abubakar
By Bdul Aziz Abubakar
Y33 Wu Ooo demonstration

The inter-party coalition for National sovereignty encapsulating all opposition political parties has embarked on a demonstration dubbed “Y33Wu oo” in the Techiman Municipality of the Bono East Region. The demonstration according to its convener Mr. Bernard Mornah is to send a clear signal to the government to check the level of insecurity in the country, as well as the unbearable hardship which they say is threatening the country’s democracy.

The national women organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Dr. Hannah Bissiw said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government is killing everything in the country including our National dignity and sovereignty, she said government has money to share amongst its friends and families from the Chines, hence the reason the chines are free to kill Ghanaians and go unpunished according to Hannah Bissiw.

In his remarks, Mr. Bernard Mornah stresses that the unprecedented insecurity, the democratized economic hardship that confronts the people of Ghana under the leadership of president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s Government needs to be resisted, he said this demonstration is geared towards ensuring that we are able to improve on security.

He lamented on how journalists in this country in the line of their duties will be killed and some have been threatened because they have broadcasted things that had led to the compromising nature of this government.

He touched on the rampant kidnappings that is ongoing in this country for the past ten (10) months and as we speak we had not gotten to the end of the matter and the level at which state resources are being dissipated for family and friends is unprecedented in this Nation and some people must wake up to tell the president that enough of the rot and so this demonstration is first to call on president Akufo Addo that the insecurity in this Nation cannot be the lot of the people of Ghana,

Secondly, the economic hardships that confront us are the very reasons for which he was voted into power and needs to do something to ameliorate the suffering of the people of Ghana.

When Joy news Correspondent for Brong Ahafo Region, Anass Sabit asked the Convener Mr. Bernard Mornah of the attempt from the traditional Authorities to stop the demonstration and what motivated their resistance to continue with this demonstration, in response, he said it’s the indomitable spirits of the people of Techiman and the fact that they are aware that they have the constitutional democratic right and would not allow some group of people to trample upon their right to defend the Government of the day.

He said he is happy with the people of Techiman instead of the huge threat that they face from their chiefs, they turn out in their numbers that he is definitely surprised at, he said he wants to share his gratitude for them, that they stood up to their chiefs who should Know that dabbling in politics it’s against their affront right as chiefs.

So he wants to commend them for holding on to their constitutional right as Ghanaians and resisting all attempts to stop the demonstration, National executive that came to Techiman to support the demonstration included, Mr. Aseidu Nketia General Secretary of the NDC, Dr. Hannah Lousi Bissiw National Women Organizer, Mr. Bernard Mornah among others.


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