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03.05.2019 General News

Agotime-Ziope MP Accounts To Constituents On His 2yrs In Office

Hon Charles Agbeve, Member of Parliament for Agotime-Ziope ConstituencyHon Charles Agbeve, Member of Parliament for Agotime-Ziope Constituency

Hon Charles Agbeve, Member of Parliament for Agotime-Ziope, Constituency in the Volta Region, has taken good governance to the doorsteps of his people as he accounts to the constituents for his two years of Parliamentary Stewardship.

The event gave him the opportunity to interact with the residents on some of the developmental initiatives he undertook within the first half of his four-year term.

The interaction brought on board the chiefs and people who were able to air their views on development projects and implementations of policies being undertaken by the MP in the Constituency.

Mr Agbeve told Modernghana, he believed as a politician it was very important to account to the electorates and also let them know what he is doing to help improve their standard of living.

According to him, strengthening accountability and local participation has been a growing component of development in recent decades, adding that, it was in line with the rising interest in improving governance increasingly seen as the touchstone of successful development

The young legislator believed this would encourage broad-based participation and as well as strengthening the political involvement of constituents in decision-making processes and in mechanisms for legitimacy and control.

The Member of Parliament used the opportunity to outline projects and activities he has undertaken within the two years as a member of parliament for the good people of Agotime-Ziope constituency.

As part of improving the standard of education for the constituency, the Mp sponsored over 300 students to tertiary institution costing about GHS200,000, while a number of his share of the MP's Common fund of GHS 11,700.00 to the 2018/2019 Basic Education Certificate Examination BECE) candidates.

In addition to that, Mr Agbeve said, he sponsored an orientation and re-training courses for basic school teachers, provided a Corn-Mill machine for Agotime Senior High School and as well supplied over 200 bicycles to pupil from remote communities to ease their transportation to schools.

Through his instrumentality in providing conducive environment for teaching and learning, the MP constructed a total of five school blocks, four of them through support by Pencil of Promise (POP) and Adanu, both Non governmental organizations.

On health, the MP facilitated for the construction of some health centres including a maternity block at Akpokope community health centre and a Nursing Quarters for Keyimeti Health centre to improve healthcare delivery in the constituency.

To make roads accessible to commuters and vehicles to farms and market centres, the MP procured a grader to reshape the bad roads, while a local communication centre also provided to aid in announcements, among others development interventions.

As part of social intervention policies and the quest to reduce youth unemployment within the constituency, the MP enrolled over 150 youth, both males and females onto skills training of various professions including dressmaking, hairdressing, among others.

Hon. Agbeve expresses appreciation to the good people of Agotime-Ziope for the mandate given him to represent them and admonished them to continue to maintain the peace within the constituency because he believed that the constituency is very unique which is crucial to the advancement of the Volta Region.

At the various meetings encounter with the residents, the MP explained that it was very necessary for a Parliamentarian to know what his or her constituents want, so he can lobby intensively.

Some of the residents, including Chiefs also on their part, express gratitude to the MP and encourage him to be focused in the face of many obstacles.