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30.04.2019 General News

Three Suspects In Police Custody Over Weija Mysterious Death

Staff Writer
News David Asante-Apeatu is the Inspector General of Police (IGP)
David Asante-Apeatu is the Inspector General of Police (IGP)

According to her, when they finally got confirmation that it was indeed her son, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. She is yet to come to terms with the reality that someone may have murdered her son, affectionately called Junior.

His father, Kwame Owusu said he will never rest until the police conclude their investigations and bring those responsible to book.

There is hope on the horizon as the police have arrested Nigerians who live opposite the residence where the two-year-old was found.

Though Afia Tenge confirmed that the corpse was found in a state of decompositions with visible signs of head injuries, she is unable to confirm rumours that parts of the deceased body parts had been removed.

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Afia Tenge while urging caution said that until an autopsy is conducted such speculations about body parts missing and attribution to ritual killing are unhealthy.

She called on the family of Nathaniel to continue to cooperate with the police despite their loss and not take the law into their own hands.

This follows civil disobedience by some residents of the Kalabule community following their suspicion that the police was sidestepping in their investigations.

A resident, Patrick Tawiah, alleged that when they first reported that the late Nathaniel Owusu was missing, the police dismissed it, claiming it was not yet 24 hours.

He said they were shocked when some Nigerians reported that their lives were being threatened by members of the community, the police quickly moved in to arrest the father of the deceased.

Afia Tenge explained that she cannot speak to that allegation until she is appropriately briefed. Although she added that the Nigerians have been arrested to also protect them from harm.