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01.01.2006 General News

Ghanaians must work to achieve its vision in 2006.

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Tema, Jan 1, GNA - Ghanaians were on Sunday called upon to aim at working hard to achieve their vision of making the country a middle income one.

The Reverend Derek Joe Eghan, Head Pastor of The Tower Praise Cathedral in Tema, made the call in a New Year message to Ghanaians through the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

He said, it was not enough that Ghana has a vision of becoming a middle-income country by the year 2020, but Ghanaians must plan for the vision and work towards achieving it starting from January 01, 2006, adding that, "it is one thing having a vision and another thing laying down principles to achieve it".

Rev Eghan noted that, for the nation to achieve its vision, Ghanaians must first of all recognize God as their source of life stressing that, the founding fathers of America recognized God and built their constitution on the word of God making them a successful nation that every nation want to emulate.

He encouraged Ghanaians to develop skills in the year 2006 as a step towards achieving their vision saying, "This can be done through emulating great men, attending seminars, taking formal and informal education serious".

He said it was about time Ghanaians refrain from emulating what others had done and rather become creative, innovative, and improving upon the past year's work.

He told the GNA that, God made Ghanaians unique in a country full of peace, gold, minerals, and timber among other resources and said that they must discover their potentials in order to get the nation to its destination.

Rev Eghan asked Ghanaians to have a focus without any diversion from what they were doing but rather they should be determined, strong and persevere to achieve what they have set before them. He said for Ghana to move forward economically, socially and morally, religious bodies must be focused by preaching the word of God, while policy-makers had be focused to come out with policies in the public interest to enhance the status of the country internationally. "Ministers of states must be focused in their decision making, government must be focused by abiding to its promises and concentrating on laudable developmental projects that would take Ghanaians from nothingness to heroes" he said.

He urged Ghanaians to inculcate brotherly love for one another saying "the days of tribalism and political sentiments must be over, but rather we must stick to our national view because there is strength in unity...Ghanaians must be bound together for the world to see us as one people having one vision".

Rev Eghan prayed for God's blessings, purpose, and sense of direction and for leaders who were disciplined, honest and have self-control to strengthen the economy for Ghana to reach the heights she wants to attain in the coming years.

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