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14.04.2019 Feature Article

Are Ghanaians Tired Of The Barefaced Cheek Of Some Members Of Their Country's Political Class?

Are Ghanaians Tired Of The Barefaced Cheek Of Some Members Of Their Country's Political Class?
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The Ghanaian media has a lot to answer for. Thanks to the unprofessionalism we regularly see and hear in our mostly-toxic media environment, cynical and unscrupulous individuals, who elsewhere would never have dared enter the world of politics - because of the considerable baggage they carry - do so with ease in our homeland Ghana.

Where else but Ghana, will the chairperson (and other leaders) of a major political party, caught uttering the outrageous things heard on the leaked recorded tape of the cynical-goings-on, at a meeting of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), and shamelessly continue to cling on to his position regardless, without the media questioning that? Incredible.

The question is: Do the NDC's upper echelons' moderates-with-integrity, not understand that the indiscretions of any politician (no matter how brilliant he or she might be, or how high-up he or she is, in the party hierarchy), must never be allowed to become an ongoing-major-distraction, ruining their joint-effort to focus on a nationwide campaign, designed to enable them to return to power again? Haaba

And, most bizzare of all, why is the Ghanaian media not pointing that out to Samuel Ofosu Ampofo - by telling him to the face that it is a grave error of judgment to treat the Ghanaian people as if they were fools: and that that should never be the case for a party seeking to return to power again - and demand that he steps down immediately from his position as the party's chairperson?

It is time the absurd Ananse-nsem-ology about the leaked tape being doctored was put aside. What hubris. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo and all those who said abominable and unpardonable things too, at that selfsame meeting, must all do the honorable thing, and resign from their positions. Ghanaians are tired of the barefaced cheek of some of the members of our country's political class. Haaba.

Kofi Thompson
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