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14.04.2019 Regional News

Kwahu ladies graduate from Makeup Artistry training

By Ghanaian Observer
Kwahu ladies
LISTEN APR 14, 2019

Thirty women from the Kwahu South District of the Eastern Region of Ghana have undergone training in makeup artistry. The training was aimed at equipping them with skills that would give them financial security as well as bridge any gaps that might exist in the makeup and beauty industry as a whole in the Kwahu area.

The initiative sponsored by Davis Opoku Ansah (OPK) saw the ladies go through a six-day training program; from foundation makeup to traditional headgear (Gele) making.

At a passing-out ceremony following the successful 6-day session, Davis Opoku presented to each lady, a Makeup Startup Kit, containing among others, basic makeup products and tools to enable them to start their entrepreneurship journeys as certified make-up artists. He assured them of his continuous support in the area of business management and promised to provide each participant with business cards and advertising materials to help them market their skills.

On her part, Obaahemaa Biamah, Kwahu Mpraeso Amanfrom queen mother urged the ladies to take the training seriously as it has become the order of the day. “People are making millions out of the makeup industry and for you to be part of this training means you have the potential to develop into one of the best in the country”.

The Assemblyman for Bepong Electoral area, Hon. Ernest Opoku thanked Davis Opoku for supporting women in Kwahu. He touted the numerous projects being undertaken by OPK in the various communities and urged other Kwahu professionals to emulate his example to ensure the speedy development of Kwahuman.

On their part, the ladies assured the dignitaries of their readiness to practice the artistry. They said, “Our services will be available during the Easter festivities and beyond". They thanked the sponsor and his team and appealed to them to do more so a lot more women are empowered. The spokesperson, Jennifer Siaw said, “We usually are vulnerable due to lack of work in Kwahu. We get pregnant after school and such skills development will go a long way to help us in our community”

Nana Obuotipim Obeng Akrofi Darte Kwahu Mpraeso Baamuhene, who represents the Mpraesohene, thanked the trainers and participants and called on Kwahus to emulate the kind gesture of OPK. Present at the ceremony included some Political and business leaders from the Kwahu area of Ghana.

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