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22.03.2019 Feature Article

What Dr. Amoako Tuffour said on the conflict between Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and the NPP.

What Dr. Amoako Tuffour said on the conflict between Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and the NPP.

There is an erroneous and mischievous news item circulating in which Dr. Kwame Amoako Tuffour is reported to have advised the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of Ghana in a radio interview on Kumasi-based Angel FM to “Beg mighty Kennedy Agyapong or live to Regret it”. This news item was “monitored” by mynewsgh and published on Ghanaweb (See Ghanaweb General News, Wednesday 20 March, 2019).

This is outright yellow journalism which must not be allowed to fester.

To set the records straight, Dr. Amoako Tuffour never said anything like that. The unedited audio of the interview is available for anyone who cares to listen to it and know the truth.

As a founding father and an elder of the NPP, Dr. Amoako Tuffuor likened the Party to a family where conflict is inevitable. He said wisdom and tact must be used in resolving family issues without resorting to entrenched positions.

He added that Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is someone who not only loves the NPP but also made his resources available in advancing the cause of the Party.

Yes, the Hon. MP got angry and vented his pent up feelings. But according to Dr. Amoako Tuffuor, that should not be grounds for the Party and the MP to part ways. The issues must be resolved.

Dr. Amoako Tuffuor quoted a story from the Bible (Luke Chapter 22 ) where Jesus was about to fulfill His God-given mandate of going to the cross to redeem mankind from the curse of the law. In that story, Jesus went to the Mount of Olives with His disciples to pray but while He prayed, the disciples were fast asleep. That was tantamount to betrayal. Jesus did not sack the disciples but admonished them to “ and pray lest they enter into temptation...”

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong feels betrayed by the NPP. Whatever the issues are, they need to be resolved.

This in a nutshell was the admonition given by the accomplished politician, businessman, and civil engineer but which was maliciously sensationalized by

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