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17.04.2019 Feature Article

Are Akans in Ghana Asleep or What?

Are Akans in Ghana Asleep or What?

The Ewe Associations function worldwide.

The Guan Association is vibrant.

The Northern Caucus in Ghana’s Parliament is very active.

The Gonja Association never sleeps.

There are over 17 ethnic groups which make up the Akan tribe. And yet I have never heard of “the Akan Association or Akan Union” in Ghana or overseas.

We are foolishly engrossed in Akyemism, Adansisem, Akuapemsem, Asanteism, Akwamusem, Denkyirasem, Kwahuism, Fantesem, Gomoasem,

Nzemasem, Sefwisem, and all other “sems” or “isms”.

Have we forgotten the age-old adage of the broom: that a broomstick can easily be broken, but not so with the broom itself?

We are suffering socially, politically, economically, and spiritually because we have forsaken the wisdom in the adage of the broom.

Are we afraid of the “tribalism” tag?

Why aren’t the other tribes tagged “tribalists” when they form their associations?

Our infighting has left cracks which make it possible for other tribes to infiltrate and use us to their advantage.

A strong Akan Association must be formed. And please, no interference from any royal highnesses or chiefs. We don’t need any competition among our traditional leaders.

We are Ghanaians and we love our nation. But we were born Akans in the nation called Ghana.

Wake up, Sleeping Giant, and take your rightful position.

Kwasi Asamoah

Dallas, Texas


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