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16.03.2019 Feature Article

Elective Single Parenting

Yesterday, out of the four special awardees at a Second Degree programme graduation, two were women. I am one person who believes that women have always been a force to reckon with.

It is not today, that women are doing great; i actually think the modern woman may probably be lowering the standards set by women of old.

The modern educated woman instead of focusing on pushing ahead the economic empowerment achieved by the old feminine, they seem to be content in the voice they have in public space.

I think women should seek more economic empowerment; i think women should refocused their so much attention to themselves to investing in properties; that is what men do.

Women should work so hard to leave behind tangible legacies that would secure the future lives of their daughters.

I think women should begin to opt for elective single parenting.

If the guy who you are seeing has no spine enough ( mine was cracked in by surgeons in attempt to restore strength in my legs) to parent a child with you, you cant be waiting forever on another person's endorsement to live your desire in life; that is if you desire a child of your own early in life.

You could elect to have his child; you would invite him to be part of raising this child with you or not.

You could do it alone; but if he feels glad to be part of that wonderful experience of raising a child with you , it is good for him and the child.

I think after all the toil to have good education and a good paying job; it isnt naturally fair to have women stay ageing in wait of another to man up to have a child with them

If 'doing the do' with you excites him so much to be with you for all these while , he should be man enough to bear some responsibility that comes with it; it comes with the package.

I had a child before marriage; a daughter;she is 13 now. Today, at JHS 1, she has read all the books i have read recently.

Sometimes, i think some of my past girlfriends had wasted my time with them.

I have an aunty who had two children early in life. The marriage with the children's father didnt work.

Fortunately for her, the children have grown. She recently got married to a foreigner and now she is living large in America with the new husband.

Life changes.
The family would say she doesnt help anybody even as she lives large abroad; She too, she is always on Facebook showing off her American life.

But seriously, i think she needn't do anything.

She should live her dreams; her only problem in life should probably be her two kids.

They, I hear ,are doing fine.
A woman can work to have a good life by herself; you need to work to have a good retirement even as a woman; if you happened to live a life long single life.

If it happens you die early; even you as a woman should leave something for your children to begin life with.

Raising a child alone as a single mother should never be a shameful thing anymore; in fact, it should become a hip thing for a woman to elect to be a single mother.

Especially, now that men are taking a whole lifetime to decide to settle with one woman.

PS: Dont take me seriously; and dont tell my pastor you read this from me.

Just ignore me.
Paul Zowonu

Paul Zowonu
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